2016 Jefferson County municipal elections

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2016 Jefferson County municipal elections were held August 23, 2016, with runoffs as needed held on October 4.

The following were the contests in cities and towns in Jefferson County. See 2016 municipal elections for contests in other counties.


Five other mayoral candidates filed, but were disqualified for failing to turn in an ethics form simultaneously with their qualification papers. Those included Yohance Owens, Dana Brown, Nathaniel Byrd, Loretta Herring and Tammi Taylor.


Watkins and Cooper both filed suits challenging Dean's election on allegations of vote fraud (specifically relating to absentee ballots) and evidence that Dean did not live in the city limits. Bessemer circuit judge Eugene Verin called for a recount and inspection of ballots as part of the discovery phase of the lawsuit. He ruled on September 25 that Dean's residence was valid, but that he had not received enough valid votes to avoid a runoff with Watkins. Dean was ordered to vacate the office until a runoff was held.

Center Point


  • Mayor: uncontested
    • Place 1: uncontested
    • Place 2: uncontested
    • Place 3: uncontested
    • Place 4: Bo Johnson (incumbent), winner; Carol Foster
    • Place 5: uncontested


Gloria Matthews, who had served two years of Primus Mack's term as District 2 representative following his criminal conviction, disputed the results of the election, claiming that absentee ballots and voting machines had been tampered with. Lorene Allen, who managed absentee ballots for City Clerk Ashley Murphy, explained that 20 of the 48 absentee ballots cast had to be rejected for lack of signatures or voter identification.

Mayoral runoff candidate Johnnie Wyatt also claimed that Edward May failed to establish residence in the city before submitting his qualifications for the election and petitioned the Jefferson County Circuit Court to disqualify him.









Ragland-Pierce filed a complaint to the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk challenging the local election and canvassing of ballots, and citing numerous alleged violations of state code.




Mountain Brook



Pleasant Grove




Vestavia Hills



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