A. Clinton Decker

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Asbury Clinton Decker (born July 28, 1886 in Prince Bay, New York; died May 22, 1950 in Fairfield) was a chemist, bacteriologist and sanitation engineer for the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company and the first Mayor of Fairfield, elected when the city was incorporated in 1919.

Decker graduated from Cornell University in 1909 and went to work for the East Jersey Water Company in Little Falls, New Jersey. By 1911 he was employed by the Birmingham Water Works. He was hired as supervising sanitary engineer by the Tennessee Company in 1919 and elected Mayor of Fairfield the same year. He was also president of the Alabama State Christian Endeavor Union.

Decker was granted a patent in 1934 for a portable cylindrical outhouse or storage shed constructed of steel.