Sherer's Drive-In

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Sherer's Drive-In was a drive-in restaurant chain.

The first location opened in 1959 on U.S. Highway 78 near Jasper. It quickly became a popular hangout for Walker County teenagers and the owners opened two other locations, one further up Highway 78 in Sumiton and another on U.S. Highway 45 in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1962. A later location in Graysville added Kentucky Fried Chicken to the menu (before KFC launched its own restaurant chain). Other locations opened across North Alabama and Mississippi, and as far South as Ozark. The restaurants began closing the 1970s and none remained open by 1990.

The restaurant served hamburgers, hot dogs, BLT's, and barbecue as well as chicken, shrimp and fish box lunches.

At each location the main building was constructed as a large, highly-visible A-frame with a large window. The upstairs room at the Jasper location was used as a part-time studio for WWWB AM 1360, where Johnny Mack hosted his radio broadcasts.


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