9th Avenue North

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9th Avenue North (or Ninth Avenue North, formerly just 9th Avenue) is an east-west street running across Birmingham.

The first three blocks of 9th Avenue North in Smithfield were incorporated into the Smithfield Court public housing project. The avenue in interrupted again by Parker High School. In Fountain Heights the avenue parallels the I-20/59 viaduct through downtown Birmingham.

After resuming at Messer Airport Highway, 9th Avenue North is primarily residential, ending at 53rd Street North in Woodlawn. That section was formerly called 4th Avenue North (Woodlawn)

Fragments of 9th Avenue North, running north-south, can be found in the Zion City neighborhood, intersecting with Tarrant-Huffman Road.

Notable locations

Smithfield neighborhood

Fountain Heights neighborhood

Birmingham Social Security Administration Center on 9th Avenue North

Druid Hills neighborhood

Central City neighborhood

East Birmingham neighborhood

Kingston neighborhood

Woodlawn neighborhood

Zion City neighborhood